Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works

Does ADD take care of rental car charges?

No.  ADD does not currently coordinate or cover rental cars, but this is a service that may be provided to members in the future. ADD Card members can take advantage of great deals on car rental fees. Just ask your ADD Customer Service Representative for details.

Does ADD negotiate a settlement with the insurance company for members?

No, ADD will connect you with a body shop that can coordinate with the insurance company and provide the discount on your deductible.

If I sell my car and purchase a new one, does my ADD card membership go with my old car or does my new car take over the remainder of my membership? 

Yes. Your membership stays with you and up to 2 vehicles on your insurance. If you purchase a new car, update your vehicle information as soon as possible on our website or by calling Customer Service.

Does ADD guarantee the work done on my vehicle?

Yes. ADD guarantees covered repairs.  ADD repair centers are pre-screened and authorized.

Can I use an ADD card purchased after an accident?

No. Your ADD card coverage begins 24 hours after your card activation is complete. If you purchase online this means 24 hours after your order is processed. If you purchase from one of our partners this means 24 hours after you activate your card by registering and activating online or by calling Customer Service and activating your account.

Will my ADD card cover my second car?

Yes. Your ADD card will cover a second car. You must provide details of each vehicle during registration and can update your vehicles covered by your membership at any time via the website or by calling Customer Service.

Does it matter if my second car is registered in my spouse or domestic partner’s name?

You can include cars that are registered in the name of your spouse or domestic partner. Just make sure you provide the vehicle details for each car upon registration.

Can I purchase more than one ADD card if I have more than two vehicles?

Yes. All of the details of ownership must be provided upon ADD membership registration.

Does the ADD card cover vehicles other than cars?

Yes. ADD card memberships cover RVs, pick-up trucks, trailers and cab trucks as well as cars.

Do I need a specific type of insurance to use an ADD card membership?

No. But you will be required to provide your insurance information at the time of registration.

How long do I have after an accident to file a claim?

You should file your claim as soon as possible after an accident.  However, your claim can be filed any time during your current membership period.

Where can I go for general information regarding towing or repair?

For general information, contact your ADD Customer Service Representative (CSR) 24/7 at 888-345-7345 or filling out an inquiry on our website and a CSR will contact you.

Where do I go for repairs?

Your ADD CSR who will provide you with information on repair locations near you. You can contact Customer Service by calling 888-345-7345 or completing an online form.

Can I use my ADD card with any mechanic?

No. ADD membership mechanics have been pre-screened and authorized to ensure quality repairs. However, you may provide us the name of your mechanic and we can consider them for future listings.

How do I finance the remaining deductible balance?

Just fill out our quick and easy loan application. This can be done online or at the local authorized body shop.

What happens if I damage someone else’s car?

Even if you damage someone else’s car, call your ADD CSR to initiate your deductible discount claim. You can still apply to finance the remaining deductible balance.

Does my credit score affect the use of ADD balance financing?

No. ADD can carry its own contracts that are custom-tailored to each member’s needs. However, you must be able to show your ability to repay the agreed amount.

How much is the annual fee for an ADD card account?

The annual fee for your ADD card account is just $19.99.

What happens if I lose my ADD card?

If you lose your ADD card, please contact Customer Service at 888-345-7345. Your membership number is on file. We will send you a new card. There is a $10 shipping and handling fee for this service.

Could someone else use my card if I lost it?

No. Your ADD card is tied to your personal information.

How can I cancel my ADD membership?

You can cancel your ADD membership at any time simply by calling Customer Service at 888-345-7345.